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We collaborate with the leading artists, myth-makers,

and marketing geniuses of our times.

“Across Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri’s body of work, from film and photography to philanthropy and social activism, she uses art as a means of processing and reflecting upon questions of self and society, justice and hope, history and myth... 

Indrani finds a singular thread and invites viewers to feel tugged and sometimes even lashed at by the thing that would have been invisible to most other eyes...  

I love the resourcefulness at work in what Indrani does...  Not just because what she creates is beautiful, but because in operating as it does, her work urges a viewer to acknowledge that a question like whether to protect the oceans, is one that can be approached not just with the intellect or even with the moral conscience, but also by calling upon unusual capacities, like passion, attraction, grief, and a real urge to be carried away, lost, overtaken, transformed.


These are natural human feelings that live most of the time corralled into just one region of the self, but when they are invited in, they make a social or political question one that can be explored with the totality of oneself."

- Tracy K. Smith,

Poet Laureate of the United States, and Chair of the Lewis Center for the Arts,

at Princeton University Creative Arts and Humanities Symposium,  October 2018

Founder and CEO

Indrani is recognized by the United Nations as a 2018 Women’s Entrepreneurship Distinguished Fellow, by Tribeca Film Festival as a 2019 Disruptive Innovator, and by Rotary International as a 2019 Max Mark-Cranbrook Global Peacemaker. Her work is described as “ the crossroads of pop culture and critical acclaim” by the Lincoln Center, and “iconic imagery and visionary storytelling” (Huffington Post).


Collaborating with legendary artists, her work explores transformation and the intersection between mythology and reality from diverse perspectives.

She was mentored by David Bowie, who commissioned her first album art for Heathen, and her directorial debut music video on mass shootings, Valentine’s Day, was featured in the HBO movie The Last 5 Years.  Indrani launched some of the world's greatest artists, creating the solo debut art for Beyonce's Dangerously in Love, and Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster.

Indrani's work has won over 40 awards including two Gold Lions at Cannes Festival of Creativity, Best Picture and Best Director at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, the Disruptive Innovator award at Tribeca Film Festival, and Best Picture at the CNN Expose Awards. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, LA Times, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Vanity Fair and VICE, published in 23 books, and exhibited in museums worldwide including the National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian Institute, DC, Le Center Georges Pompidou, Paris, The Rubin Museum of Art, NY, The Brooklyn Museum, The Museum at the Fashion Institute, The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and The Australian Center for the Moving Image. Her videos received over 80 million views online.

She is Co-Host of the Global People’s Summit during the General Assembly at the United Nations, democratizing access to conversations and information that shape the world.  Regularly interviewed for CNN, HBO, E! News, and Showbiz Tonight, she is a keynote speaker at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Centre Pompidou, New York University, Princeton and Harvard Universities.   


Indrani is the founder of Double Exposure Studios, co-founder of Open Origin Industries turning waste to green fuel, co-founder and executive director of Shakti Empowerment Education Foundation (, providing education to 300 at-risk women and children annually.



Princeton University

BA,  Cultural Anthropology  (Magna Cum Laude)

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