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The Great Artist (Trailer)

Producer: Sunny Vachher and Matthew Postlethwaite

Director: Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri

"Every star needs darkness to shine." 

"For great art there must be suffering."

The Great Artist  looks at the struggles of mental health through the lens of the art world. 

Reflecting on the sacrifices made to create great art, while suffering and hiding mental illness, this film is created to destigmatize and drive conversations about mental health, inclusive of underserved LGBTQ+ and racially diverse communities, to help save lives.

"It is the climax that is truly brilliant -- one that earned the film a consideration for the Live Action Short Film shortlist for the 93rd Academy Awards...Are we all striving to achieve 'greatness' by holding our authentic self hostage? This is the haunting question that Pal-Chaudhuri leaves her viewers with." - Prerna Mittra, The Indian Express 

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